The General Costs Of College In Georgia


The cost of a college education has slowly changed in the past three years, and you review this information to learn how the state is trending. The information in this article gives you a general idea of what college will cost in the state in the future. Consider this information before you make college decisions with your children.

#1: Overall Costs

Emory University is the most expensive school in the state. It cost nearly $45,000 a year, and their tuition has steadily risen over the past three years. They must raise their tuition to keep up their high academic standards and beautiful campus, but the degree you receive from the university has a certain prestige.

The smallest of state schools costs a little more than $2000 a year, and you may enroll in these schools on a part-time basis. Georgia also features many mid-range schools from the University of Georgia to Georgia Tech.

#2: The HOPE Scholarship

The HOPE scholarship program is funded by the Georgia lottery, but it does not lower the cost of tuition at each school. The HOPE Scholarship program gives students free or partial tuition scholarships based on their high school GPA. This program may impact the college choices you make with your child. An in-state school will cost your child almost nothing with this scholarship, but this should not be the only piece of information you use to make your decisions.

#3: The Rise In Costs

The rise in tuition in the state is being met with increases in the scholarship programs offered by the state. You will need to budget for a small increase in tuition every year, and most schools announce these tuition increases every year. You have every opportunity to make a change in your educational plan, but the state has not instituted massive in creases in tuition yet.

The education of your child is an important matter, and these facts must be taken into consideration before your child enrolls. You have options in the state that come at many different prices, but the state offers in-state students a free tuition with the proper grade point average. There is a way to make college affordable for you and your student within these numbers.