The Cost of College in Tennessee Over the Past Three Years



The cost of college in the United States has continued to increase every year for many years. There are several things to keep in mind about the cost of college in many ares of the country. First of all, one of the biggest indicators of the cost of college in a state is simply the cost of living. States with a low cost of living, like North Dakota or Alaska, typically have a lower cost of college than those with a high cost of living. Here are several facts about the cost of college in the state of Tennessee and how it has trended over the past three years.

Public Versus Private

One of the biggest factors in determining the cost of college is whether the school is public or private. In Tennessee, there are several state sponsored schools that give a lower cost to students who live in state. The University of Tennessee is several times less expensive from a tuition stand point than many private schools in the state. If a student is looking to find a school with a low rate of tuition, one of the best ways to accomplish this is through attending a public college. There are some benefits to attending a private school, ranging from a focus on religion to lower classroom sizes. However, there are several studies that show the cost of private education in Tennessee has risen three times as rapidly as public schools costs.

Tennessee Overview

The state of Tennessee is known for its low taxes and cost of living. There are several different public colleges to choose from in the state that are highly ranked. The good news for residents of Tennessee is the fact that their state has seen its increase of tuition costs increase slower than the average for the rest of the nation. While college is by no means expensive, there are many different high value options for residents that attend school within the state.

State Lottery

Several years ago, the state of Tennessee introduced a lottery that would help students pay for the cost of college in state. This lottery introduced scholarships for students with a 21 on the ACT or a 3.0 GPA. The scholarship was worth $4,000 a year, which while it does not cover the full cost of college this is still a significant amount for many students. Many people in the state can take advantage of this new scholarship being offered. This has led to an increase of students attending college every year since the scholarship was enacted. There are many different reasons for the increase, but the increase scholarship opportunity is a big reason why.

Final Thoughts

The cost of college is something that has increased in every state in the country over the past couple of years. However, there are some states that have been hit with a much larger increase than others. The state of Tennessee has a lower than average cost for students to attend school there. This is shown through various studies, and the new lottery scholarship that has been approved is a great way for students to get more financial help in attending a school.