Higher Education: December 6 2015 to December 12 2015



The cost of higher education in the United States continues to increase every year. More people than ever before are going to college, but this does necessarily mean that they are better off financially after they graduate. More people than ever are graduating with high levels of student loan debt. Anyone who has ever had to pay off their student loans knows just how difficult it can be. Over the long term, something must be done about the cost of higher education and the increase in prices over the past couple of years.

The Student Loan Crisis

There are many people in the United States who are crippled financially because of their student loans. The good news is that there are many people who are starting to see the dangers of taking out record levels of debt in order to go to school. Anyone who wants to prosper financially over the long term needs to make sure they are thinking about paying off their student loans when the time comes. Many people think that it will be easy to pay off their student loan debt when they land a job after graduating. However, the job market in the United States for college graduates has not improved in recent years. This has made it more difficult than ever for college graduates to land a job that will pay enough to help them prosper financially.

The Tuition Trend

Various schools around the nation have seen protests on campus due to the high cost of college tuition. Over the long term, it is important for people in the field to look at what is driving the high cost of tuition. There are even some schools around the country that have responded to the protests by saying that they will freeze tuition costs over the next couple of years. This has led many students to demand this from other public college. However, over the past few years there is a clear trend that shows tuition continuing to go up. It will be interesting to see if this will continue despite all of the backlash that so many people are showing to these colleges.

Final Thoughts

College was once thought of as the best investment that anyone can make in their life. However, there is a lot of data showing that many schools with high tuition are not giving back their students the value that they thought they would get. Schools need to work on better educating their students on life after college. In addition, there are many schools that have pledged to freeze tuition at current rates. Over the long term, this should help to stem the tide of increased college tuition. However, more schools must join in to help in this fight. As record numbers of students are graduating with high levels of debt, many people fear that the damage is already done.