Cost of College in California



College tuition costs are a big source of debate right now in politics. Over the past ten years, the cost of college has increase much faster than inflation. This means that in real dollars, people are paying much more to go to college today than ever before. In inflation adjusted dollars, college tuition is now 1.5 times higher than it was in 2000. This is a trend that needs to be stopped if students are going to continue to go to college. With record numbers of students graduating with crippling debt, it is important to understand what the trends are currently in the state of California. Here are several facts about the cost of college in California and what can be done to combat the trend.


Tuition costs are generally the biggest cost that must be taken on by anyone going to school. There is a large difference between the public and private school tuition costs in the state of California. There are some private schools in the state that cost well over $50,000 to attend. Residents of California can get a lower rate of tuition by going to school within the state. Although this is helpful to students, it has not been enough to make college more affordable. Student loans are generally available to anyone that is interested in going to college. As long as tuition is being paid in this manner, the colleges have no incentive to make prices more reasonable.

Student Loan Facts

One of the most damaging results from this increase in tuition is the fact that student loan balances are climbing to record rates. These student loans can have long term effects on the economy. For example, there have been many studies recently that show college graduates with higher student loan balances are less likely to purchase a home, get married or have children as early as those that do not. This is a huge shift in the culture that has occurred over the past couple of years. If something is not done to combat this trend, the cost of college will continue to go up.

California Legislation

There are several laws being debated upon in the state of California around the issue of tuition costs. Many people are tired of the cost of college going up faster than everything else. There are even some people in government that want taxpayers to take on some of the burden for students. There are many different incentive programs that have been talked about as well. However, the issue in California still stands that tuition here is among the highest in the nation and students are carrying the burden for it. Anyone that is thinking about going to college in California needs to make sure that they have a solid plan to pay their bills.

Final Thoughts

The cost of college in California is a trend that is not sustainable. Too many students are having to struggle to simply pay their tuition payments. Record setting levels of student loan debt have crippled an entire generation of young people from buying homes and starting families. The biggest issue is that many people think that the cost of college will continue to increase in the futureif nothing is done.